Sunday, February 18, 2007

The word is out

the crisis has abated
insightful guardian
finding causality
envisioning; the word is out

breathtaking beauty
Her vastness; unifying
her freedom and felicity
sublime emotions; the word is out

journey has commenced
the divine arrival
in the human form
God Being; the word is out

Eternal me and her
stimulating patterns
liberated souls
manifesting; the word is out

stream of knowledge
flowing through the mind
instilling wisdom in the mortal self
Growing; the word is out

Disintegrating ego
channeling emotions,
through the gateway of passion
in a Tryst called Life; the word is out

Conceived beliefs and religions
notions and dogmas
all eradicating and integrating
into Singularity; the word is out

Humans with a divine soul
mortal body, regaining nobility
pure thoughts and paradigms
the Grandeur within; the word is out

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