Friday, January 12, 2007

the me within

the souls have switched
the me has gone
trying to impersonate
the me within

uncanny as it might be
power surge; combating reality
re-discovering the true self
reviving, the me within

the restless encounter
overpowering iota
passionately insane
invading, the me within

great souls converge
sun, taking a new breath
gloriole, highlighting reality
empowering, the me within

wee soul; outgrowing body
new paradigms; outgrowing mind
information, outreaching the world
learning, the me within

reinventing passion,
re-living the life,
phantom mind, manifesting
re-discovering, the me within

hindsight, teaching and engraving
subtle values that drive
hope, both lost and found
managing, the me within


  1. Hey this is really a nice poem.
    Reinvention is a continuous process
    in human life that goes on each day
    in subcontious mind . We can enhance this process , only when we think explicitly about it.

    This poem is a good effort to present one's urge towards revention.good going.keep it up.


  2. Wow! really good one..!!