Thursday, August 21, 2008

G-Forces and Potholes

My driver gave me an experience of a lifetime. I have neither sat in a centrifuge, nor have I felt centrifugal forces of high magnitude. But my driver, who possibly isn't even aware of this jargon, was the key facilitator.

And it happened on Mumbai-Agra highway. And it happened in a Scorpio. And it happened for two consecutive days and a night. Phew.

I, with my family, had gone to pick my bro from Mumbai International Airport a week back. We had enagaged a travel agency's Scorpio to drive us and receive him at the Airport. Well, I was prepared to face the highway in the potholes, err, the potholes in the highway, but, to experience G-Forces on the way, was out-of-this-world and totally unexpected. [In retrospect, I should have got a G-Suit for this travel. Anyways.]

So there I was in a fully-geared Scorpio, next to the driver, remotely unaware of the experience ahead. How interesting! Ignorance really can be a bliss sometimes.

Soon after we crossed the city limits, the potholes started actively showing themselves. As though having a strong clairvoyance, the driver began dodging potholes with remarkable accuracy and consistency. OH-MY-GOD! For those of you who thought G-Forces affect only at high Gs, you're sadly mistaken. They can even affect you at 40 kmph, much to the driver's credit and skill in maneuvering the vehicle in acute angles. The sharper the turns, better are the chances of experiencing the G-Forces.

All my bodily fluids begun shaking me from the core, to the core. Literally. [I recalled the concepts in Fluid Mechanics in Engineering, and started thinking of ways to overcome this Fluid Dynamics experience.] But it was nuthhing. I also let my bodily fluids come out in a few spells during this trip.

And then during the treacherous mountaineous terrains between Mumbai and Nasik, I experienced centrifugal forces of severe magnitude. Combine them with bad rains, brutal G-Forces, misplaced potholes and a talkative driver - and what you get is an experience of a lifetime!

Anyways. This journey has been so special to me that I can't share it with my readers any further. Sorry people, I need to keep somethings special and just for myself. Right?

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