Friday, August 08, 2008

no poems since a long time

I'm just too busy writing prose. Whatever happened to poems?

I believe that poems essentially have to just 'flow' within you. You should not 'consciously' think while writing poems. The last poem I wrote was in mid-Jan. Woah!

I had once read that "at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet!'. So does that mean that I am not in love anymore? Should I infer that I was in love earlier?

Or simply that I am too busy to think passionately about 'metaphysical' or 'intangible' things while I am passionately thinking about 'material' or 'tangible' things? Simply, complicated.

Or that I have run out of patience for writing poems? Or it is that I want to focus more on prose?

Okay. Forget it. No more attempts to evaluate reasons for not writing poems. I am not writing poems because I am not writing poems. I'll write poems when I'll write poems. End of the matter.

I am rubbishing all such options of not writing poems. I'm still in love, possibly more. I'm still passionate, possibly more. I am still inspired, possibly more. I have not run out of patience. I can profoundly think of metaphysical and material things with equal incompetency. And lastly, I am very busy. Everything is perfect.

Therefore I think that the time is approaching. Watch out for this space.

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