Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Feeling short of words

Really. I am.

There are moments when you have to say a lot. There are moments when you feel so strongly about a subject, but you curse yourself for feeling so terribly short of words. Have you experienced this before?

There are moments like these that annoy me. Is it why you can think and still not speak everything that you can think? Anyways. I am not making sense, am I? See, thats the point.

There are moments when you are full of excitement, full of enthusiasm, full of grief, full of anger, full of lot of things; but heck, those feelings don't form words. They just stay feelings. And nobody is able to clearly understand these feelings.

Even as I type, I am in desperate want of words to express something important, but I am just short of words.

Good, bad or ugly? I don't know. I am just short of words.

1 comment:

  1. i call this creative constipation! i suffer from it all the time!