Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nostalgia Strikes Back

Its that time of the year when the power cuts prevail in the city. The State Electricity boards love to shed power during the raining season.

Historically, they are known to cut the power lines at the drop of a 'bolt'. These are erratic power cuts. These boards conveniently blame 'Mother Nature' for unleashing its fury on the weak distribution houses. This year, nostalgia strikes back...with a vengeance. Why? Read on.

Nasik generally does not have unscheduled power cuts. But they can be 'staged' every 2 hrs! Now you can imagine what would happen when power cuts are UNSCHEDULED. Their effect is catastrophic. Specially if your work COMPLETELY depends on computers! Even if you have invertors to support. [I think during such times most flourishing business would be for those who deal in Power Management systems like Invertors, Generators etc]

Till last year, we had power cuts to the tune of 4-5 hrs in a day. They plan to touch new heights this year. Yes, we are talking about 12 hr power-cuts! You can recover using AutoSave, but what happens to that time lost? Words labor lost. [Why dont they have more power plants to support tier-2 cities like Nasik? No wonder residents in metros like Mumbai and Delhi, with power cuts, are happier.]

It would happen from tomorrow. 'The' power cut. Stay tuned.

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