Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A new dawn. A new begnining. Everyday.

Hey people, hope things are fine at your end!

About me? Life has never been more interesting. More opportunities to discover myself. More opportunities to learn. More opportunities to grow. I am about to be myself again.

I must have met more unknown people in past 2 days than I met in the entire previous year. Good thing is that I know most of them now. Meeting them was the easy part. The real fun part is trying to remember their names along with the corresponding faces.

For the time being, I am just happy. I am happy that I am meeting so many people who had assembled for a common purpose and shared the same common source of happiness. I'll get more opportunities to meet them at different occasions now. More opportunities to meet more people. Nuff said.

I discovered that people share radically uncommon idiosyncrasies. And such things are at their glaring best during such events when idiosyncrasies meet idiosyncrasies. And they interfere and interact. Ehem. Forget about it.

>> More about it later

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