Tuesday, July 22, 2008


WOW!! Another WOW!! I am thrilled and excited. Amazing!

I am presently in an ecstatic mood. Why? From a long time I was trying to understand what the opening lines of the song 'Maeri' by Euphoria meant, and my mom after just hearing it once explained what it meant. The lines are in Punjabi, and I wasn't able to figure them out. And its meaning has given me more thrill!

Yes, that means, I am going to listen and recite those lines throughout the day till I am thorough with its pronunciation and tune and lyrics!

Till then, happy singing! :)


  1. Hi- Was looking for the meaning of the lyrics of Mayeri

    Have been looking for the meaning of that song myself...
    can u help ? what do the lines mean ? have a roughish idea but not sure..u can post it below the same thread on ur blog

    Many Thanks

  2. ya... does it mean mom or pretty girl? do tell..... thnx

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