Saturday, July 19, 2008

The 'Haunt'ing

Move over Hugh. My latest haunt is visiting Hallucinations and reading Shruthi's thoughts on diverse topics ranging from her concerns about certain public issues to Movies to Humor to Health to Parenting. The list is endless.

I like her clarity of expression. Period. That is one thing I want to learn from her writing. Actually, for the very same reason I starting reading I closely followed it for around 4 years and gathered insights about how his strategy for Stormhoek, a small South-African winery, tranformed it completely and still increasing profits multifold.

Infact, gapingvoid gave me insights about blogging, marketing, branding, consumer perception, 'Social Objects', cartoons, ideas, etc etc. Lot of things. Again, the list is endless.

Since many days I've not been able to read and write much about anything. Blogs and Books were a regular feature in my schedule earlier. Now I am just trying to maximize my work in the available time. [I reeeallly wish I were 'Flash'; I would have done everything efficiently and in a 'flash'. But reality can be brutal.]

Anyways. I am trying hard to work out a way of balancing my work and my hobby. Incidentally, my present work was my hobby earlier which I have transformed into work now and got busy in it. Yes, I am very happy with it. No doubt.

But when your hobby becomes your work, you need to start developing some other hobby. It should become a habit slowly. Anyways.

Now that I have revisited my thoughts, I think Hallucinations and Hugh should have a equal share in my schedule. Hallucinations can have the bigger half!

[Just a self-note: I think I need to revisit all my articles and add newly gathered insights to them. Cheers.]

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  1. I am speechless! Is my writing really all that you say it is? Now, that feels good! :D