Saturday, October 30, 2010

Piranhas 3D...The Ordeal Unleashed!

To my utter dissatisfaction...
1. Piranha 3D was not scary AT ALL. I anticipated HUGE adrenaline rush in this movie and a lot more blood and gore from the pre-historic Piranhas, who were busy reducing humans into bones.
2. Piranha 3D was not in 3D in the multiplex I had been to. Fortunately, 3D was not really required here.
3. It was like a typical no-brainer zombie movie, in which zombies keep eating people who are running helter-skelter to save themselves.
4. I could not figure out what good actors like Elizabeth Shue (The Saint, Hollow Man) and Ving Rhames (MI, MI-II) were doing in this movie. They had no roles whatsoever, other than becoming self-imposed baby-sitters to a bunch of drunk kids at a beach. Rhames is eaten while he bravely tries to kill Piranhas using the motor boat's motor as the last resort. Shue is just trying to shoo the Piranhas away.
5. I've not seen a REAL horror movie in a long time.

The good part was:
1. Its duration was just over 70 mins.
2. The interval was really short, which meant that the second half got a chance to start sooner and end sooner.
3. They gave us complementary coke, probably just to make us sit for the rest of the movie.
4. The movie had an end, and so I was sure that the ordeal will end soon.

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