Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The High Performance Entrepreneur

I'm currently reading this book by Subroto Bagchi.

It delves deep inside the mind of an entrepreneur and explains how to spot the entrepreneur within you, how to know if you are ready to start an enterprise, how to set vision, mission and goals, how to create a team etc etc. The list goes on.

I have so far completed about 20% of the book and this is what I have say about it: IT'S PRACTICAL TO IMPLEMENT AND VERY INSPIRATIONAL TO READ!

The book details insightful anecdotes and his personal experiences while co-founding MindTree. At times, you get a feeling of deja-vu while reading it.

I will personally recommend this book to anyone keen to start an enterprise and is unable to start it due to self-doubts. It will be like an unflinching lighthouse showing direction to your lost ship.

I'm loving it. Go to a book store near you to grab a copy.

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