Sunday, December 05, 2010

Inspiration from Hugh MacLeod

Drawing inspiration from Hugh MacLeod (, I went out and purchased 3 marker pens to 'try' writing on the back of business cards. Just to get 'that' excitement.

I've following since about 5 years now, and am a HUGE fan. So just recently, I thought of toying with the idea and started drawing these cartoons on the back of used/old business cards that there were just lying around, unused.

Let me know how you found them. I'll upload some more soon.

Pic1: so, what's keeping YOU!

Pic2: which one will you CHOOSE?

Pic3: Form without function is FUTILE.

Pic4: Which one will you CHOOSE?

Pic5: making sense of things

Pic6: ignorant about ignorance

Pic7: Success, Finally!

Pic8: feed my hunger

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  1. hehe bharrri ahe he...couldnt understand some of them..but this is interesting :)

  2. nice one!
    I didn't know this art already exists (& may be wouldn't even have known if not mentioned) I'll treat it as your own creativity.