Friday, September 19, 2008

Free as hell

"Free as hell", an angel said while promoting heaven

"what price would you pay to get to heaven?" - "Life", said the angel

so why die, why not continue living and ponder upon more tangible things like Life and the Materials that it constitues, rather than speculate about such intangible notions.

Why dont we have the freedom to live, as we have to die? why can't we 'choose' to be immortal? how do some people die and still become immortal due to their deeds while others continue to just live life of a living dead?

"dont remember to forget" - I said to myself, "and dont forget to remember"

Should we be like lighthouses, who just stand at a place and show the path? Naah! "Thats just so passive". "Be Active. Get a torch in your own hand and illuminate your path"

"Choose someone who has faced bottlenecks, who has stumbled in a pothole sometime. Someone who can guide you and if you stumble, can come to your help to lift you and provide the necessary impetus and the drive and the energy to continue your journey"

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