Monday, September 30, 2013

Step Into Your Uncomfortable Zone

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Learning a new task is not a problem. Figuring out how it works is not a problem. The reason you're a nervous wreck is thinking what you will ACTUALLY do. And also because you've never done it before. Therefore, stop thinking and start doing.

Remember this: You can't experience running until you actually run. Put all your preparations to test.

We live today expecting it to be like the day before. The routine keeps you sane. But it also makes you sloppy. It prohibits growth. It stagnates. You only grow when you step into the unknown realm. Into the unexperienced zone. In the uncomfortable zone. That is the zone of growth.

Now is not the time to think. Now is the time to act. Pull all your energy and focus it on achieving your goals. Strive as hard as you can. Always. Be dedicated. Concentrate. Push the boundaries.

Keep moving. Have the momentum. Have the will. Be strong. Know that you can face the unknown. That's what you've been doing all through. You've tackled problems head on all through. You've faced a new life each day. You've never run away from challenges.

Slay your inner demons one after the other. And get back control. Your mind is always questioning your ability. Believe in your inner self. It knows. Each time you faced a new problem, you came up winning. You adapted. You adjusted. You just plunged in and took control. That's tackling challenges.

Now you find yourself amidst this new field. Which you wanted to master all along. You never got a chance earlier, except now. Think about how much you can grow in it. Think about a new field you'll be able to learn and master. There's no better time to start contributing to a new field. Expand your horizon. Push the uncomfortable zone into the comfortable.

Don't hesitate. Hesitation is for the confused souls. Hesitation makes you inactive. Hesitation doesn't let you spread your wings. Hesitation makes you secondguess your ability to excel. Hesitation stops you short of realizing your potential. Believe. Focus on your objective. Channel your energies. Be enthusiastic. Stop wasting your time on mundane stuff. Stop surfing when you should be working. Make a routine to be creative. Think different. You have learnt enough about the field to go into war. You're prepared.

Start. Now. That's where the magic begins. 


  1. Nice post. Add parables to make it more impactful.

  2. Nice! Well written post. Keep going!

  3. Inspiring! Looking for it. Thanks.