Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How Do You Manage Yourself?

To-do lists, notebooks, reminders, calendars, diary, the Pomodoro technique - which one do you use? Actually it really does not matter which you use.

These are only methods/ tools/ techniques to help you get things done, to help you manage time better, to help you manage yourself better. They help you augment the way you do things.

Don't get stuck within them. They are merely the means to achieve the end.

Focus on achieving the result. That is more important. Experiment with techniques to see which benefits you the most. Follow whichever method/ tool/ technique suits you. Then move on on to the next task.

The most important thing is to have the will to do things. Rest will follow. Once you have the will, you will align all else to achieve the goal.

Have the will to organise things.
Have the will to complete things.
Have the will to experiment.
Have the will to become better.
Have the will to arrive, not just travel.
Have the will to resolve, not crib.
Have the will to take matter in own hands, not pass the buck.
Have the will to chart the uncharted territory, than sticking to the everyday route.

Have the Will. Achieve. Move Ahead. Become Better.

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