Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What You Can Learn From Cheetah

Be a Cheetah who spots its target and then uses all of its energy, aggression, sincerity in catching its prey. Don't be a Tortoise who slowly moves inch by inch towards its goal. It has the sincerity and energy too. But not aggression. By its nature, it is not aggressive.


Be a Cheetah, career-wise. Your prey is your career. Prepare well. Adapt. Spot the opportunity. Feel the fierceness within. Be aware of your capability. Draw all your energy. Focus on your goal. Then go for it. Full steam.

Don't just cherish the process. Savor the achievement. Be after achieving it. Stop only after you've achieved it. Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins when you go after it.

Do you think a Cheetah will bloat over how well it prepares, how well it camouflages itself, how well it spots it prey, how well it runs? Of course not. They are the basic necessities. Without them it cannot succeed. But it stops only after it has nabbed its prey.

Set ambitious targets. Keep your prey in sight. Adapt to it. Don't lose your focus even for a millisecond. Don't try half-heartedly. If you do, you'll starve.

What are you gonna do? Sit still or go after it?

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  1. Hey...Suarbh,

    Sounds good...we can even co relate chetah with an eagle has sharp thinking power with a zeal to reach her goal ... so what i mean to say is with all the qualities that u have mentioned would like to add few more things like...I we really want to reach the destination that we have decided for our life our Attitude plays a vital role and Attitude is affected by three factors..Namely...

    Environment : what kind of environment we have around us ... our friend circle ...if the environment around us is very positive we will certainly have the positive attitude towards our goal/life.

    Experience : In our day today life we come across with great personalities like Bill Gates ..Amitabh Bachan or there is no need to go so far lets consider our parents or our friends around us we should try to learn from their experience and we should try to implement their experience in our life which will help us not to do the same mistakes which they might have done and will help us to gain the positive attitude....

    Education : I am not speaking about any degree level education ...i mean to say that a person should posses a formal and informal education ...which will help him to focus his goal and will always withstand us with a positive the Tiger and Eagle is inside us.....Just try to know the tiger/eagle within us......

    So if you really want to reach the goal that u have decided for your life ....One percent is the inspiration and 99% is the perspiration.....