Wednesday, April 03, 2013

5 Quick Fixes to Regain Your Focus

Feeling distracted? Want to get rid of that annoying feeling when you are simply unable to concentrate at work?

There's something in your mind that you're unable to resolve or come to terms with. You have that nagging feeling that something's not right today, but not sure what to do with it.

You spend time tweeting, randomly browsing the web or reading some article in a desperate hope to get out of this "Not-in-my-elements" mode.

But nothing's working out. You are just wasting more time. Your inability to eliminate the root cause(s) drags you further down the pit. You have lost focus, you morale is low, you begin losing confidence and you start feeling down.

Here are 5 things to try at this very instant to get back in action. I found them pretty helpful in my experience.
  1. Change your posture. Sit erect. RIGHT NOW. You'll be amazed at the speed at which it can positively affect you.
  2. Meditate for 5 mins. Keep your eyes closed. Focus.
  3. Make a to-do list for today. Prioritize its sequence. Work on it one by one. Just work on closing them.
  4. Jot down what's on your mind "AS-IS" in a diary or a notepad. Don't bother about the sequence. Just write. Unload yourself. Be specific about what is distracting you. Give yourself a time frame to complete this session, say 15 mins. Stop writing after this time.
  5. Take a quick walk. Jog, if you can. Clench your fingers tightly and suddenly release them. Do something to get the adrenaline rushing in your body.
I am quite hopeful that you'll clear your head and be all pumped up at the end of this power session.

Do share your personal experiences and also some quick-fix remedies you try for getting back in action. Let's have a conversation about it in the comments below.


  1. Hey Saurabh,

    This is nice trick to release the stress or to stay focus. Totally agreed and surely will try it. My way to keep focus is just a small walk in fresh air (amm u can say on Terrace or in corridor itself) and a confidant breathe. Sometimes our personal life may affect our professional or sometimes we may fill less confidant. In these situation, we really need this type of tricks to come back on track. Thanks for sharing yours.

    Keep Sharing.


    1. Thanks for sharing your tip, Manvesh. There could be many more ways to quickly fix the problem. Let us explore and become better :)

  2. Great....Saurabh & Manvesh,

    As we know that a small drop of water in the ocean makes a huge difference so likewise by sharing the ideas and thoughts we can enrich our knowledge and can gain positive attitude towards all the aspects of our lives.....I appreciate this friends......


  3. Rohan R ChandorikarSeptember 06, 2013 11:04 PM

    Bravo..........It works Awsome.......