Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sales! Sales!

I am averse to going to shops which display 'Sales! Hurry.. Offer Till Stock Lasts!'. I am trying to assess why I think like that. I think I have at the back of my mind that this 'stock' is not the best of the lot. I buy things that last long and are of good quality. Therefore, sometimes, I overlook the cost factor and purchase something that is of the quality I want.

There's another issue: You are tempted to window shop in these places initially. You visit these shops, and end up shopping way over your budget. Which is funny, you never went in with a budget because you were just window shopping. In hindsight, during this fast-paced, and sometimes mindless, shopping you end up having things you may not like, and sometimes things you don't need.

I remember some catchy lines to grab some attention: "Buy 2, Get 10!". What they are actually saying is, if you buy 2 items, you get 8 items on them, which totals to 10. The salesman had clarified it to me once.

The pace at which these shops are mushrooming around, I am begining to change my mind. They are actually making money! They have tied with companies to give them a huge cut on margins, so that they can offer bulf discounts to customers. It's a consumerist market afterall. Good for us! I already see 'Sales!' signs coming up on prominent brands like Adidas, Reebok, Arrow, Bata, Metro, and Fastrack showrooms. I had seen similar signs just 4 months back.

It's sometimes good to visit these places. You get to meet lot of old and new acquaintences at 'Sales!' shops. I am also going to visit these shops, but will be taking a considered decision and will purchase something I need.

Happy Shopping!

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