Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not a child anymore

Last Sunday my mom and my wife had organised a ceremony for our daughter. It was basically an all-ladies and all-children event. Gents had nothing to do it. So my cousin bro, my dad and I planted ourselves in front of the TV in our bedroom.

However, I was the official photographer of the program. This is when the reality dawned on me. When I was clicking photos of the event and the people, it struck me that I wasn't a child anymore. I took a moment to register that. "I wasn't a child anymore," I thought again.

Just few years back, my friends would come over to celebrate my birthday. I was still cutting cakes and singing 'Happy Birthday to me!". And now, there were children who had assembled for an event of my daughter! WOW! I have really grown.

Celebrating Birthdays was the in-thing for me. But the fact that Birthdays brought out the child in me, excited me even more. I used to prepare a list of 'buddies' coming over to celebrate, mom and dad would ask me about the food to prepare and what gifts I wanted. But now, I would be doing it for my daughter.

All my buddies have grown up and married, having to take of their spouses. Celebrating Birthdays 'together' seems a distant reality, with the responsibility of 'our family' resting on our inexperienced shoulders. No, something has to be done about it. Some sort of celebration, may be a get together. With everyone involved in it. I will be a child again.

I suddenly think about an earlier blog I wrote about 'Old Times', where I had stated my desire to meet my young self when I am old.

Really. Times change. People grow. You grow. :) It's all for good. Seriously. Godspeed.

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