Saturday, February 28, 2009

a new begining...

Its been a real long time that I wrote anything. I really missed this period. But I was focused on my work and was settling in my married life.

Now I want to do lot of things. I want to:
1. re-unite with friends with whom I was not in regular touch
2. re-start blogging
3. fortify relations with family members (near and far)
4. start enjoying work again. (There was a small period when work had become just work. Monotonous. I am passionate about work. But during this small 'dark-age-type' period, I was working mechanically. I will again be passionate about my work.)
5. re-activate my interest in photography and and start publishing it (may be in flickr, picassa etc)
6. re-start meditation (there was a sufficiently long period when I had stopped meditating for no reason whatsoever. Meditation helped me discover and maximise my potential.)
7. re-visit places which I have not visited so far. (These would be scenic spots around Nasik)

Here's looking toward doing all of these with a lot of zeal!

Cheers!! :)

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