Saturday, February 28, 2009

my experiences in driving

This was officially my fifth day of driving a 4-wheeler on the busy streets. And I am begining to feel that driving is an adventure and I hope to become passionate about it very soon.

The opening line will give y'all a feeling that I have just learnt to drive. But it's not so. I 'know' how to drive a car since my first year of engineering (9 yrs back - yeah, I know, don't gimme those looks!). I knew the basics then but wasn't 'hands-on'.

I was somehow reluctant about driving a car, for no reason whatsoever. Lot many friends and family members forced me to actively start driving. But I had a stronger willpower. I stayed adamant. I did not even bother to get a car driving licence. I satisfied myself with the excuse of having lot of work at my workplace. My crooked logic was: Since I did not have licence, I should not drive on roads as I don't like to violate traffic procedures.

Then came a time when the government encouraged me not to drive. Yes when the fuel prices had shot up and Petrol was at Rs 55 a litre. Anyways, they were brought down to curb inflation later, which was the good part.

Sometime in between I got engaged and was about to get married. This probably was the single most important reason that urged me to get a licence and learn driving.

Just somedays back I got a learning licence, and I started driving on roads. I had to develop confidence about my ability to drive. I am now practicing to make it perfect. I dared (very late though), and did practice driving on roads (not on smaller lanes, not empty on roads but roads full of people and vehicles).

With driving being newly added in my skill-set, I can venture out and take care of the pt 7 in my previous article.

Will be sharing more of my experiences in driving with you....

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