Saturday, February 19, 2011

In Search of a Perfect Newspaper

Ever since I moved to Pune earlier this year, I could not read Economic Times or any other newspaper. Why? Because, apparently, where I stay in Baner Road, there is hardly any newspaper stall nearby. No kidding.

So today, I set out on this mini-mission to 'explore' the whereabouts of the nearest Newspaper stall. And I was appalled with the findings.

Those of who are familiar with Pune, Balewadi stadium is away from Aundh. I started my journey towards the Balewadi stadium in a hope to find the nearest newspaper stall. And I traveled from Symantec and traveled further till 4-5 km. And I found nothing.

Disappointed as I was, but was resolute too of finding a newspaper stall, I retraced my steps towards Aundh. After reaching Parihar Chowk, I found a newspaper stall that quenched my thirst of a newspaper.

All in all, I had to travel about 7-8 km to find a newspaper stall. Business opportunity anyone? Phew.

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