Saturday, January 12, 2008

I have a Vision

I have a vision
of a liberal society, where minds are not infected
where beliefs are not dissected

I have a vision
of a trillion dominos arranged by fate
the right domino for me to select and wait
actions that would initiate a chain
driven by vision and would help my life gain

I have a vision
of a butterfly effect my actions would cause,
identifying and carefully removing the flaws;

I have a vision
of an undiscovered God
establishing Himself and preaching by sword
seeing His powers blossom
of an unseen fury in this microcosm

I have a vision
of finding lost humanity in these confines of mind
of reviving beliefs, triggering a soul of new kind

I have a vision
of a better me
a real me
wandering lonely on a crowded street
discovering my self in this divine retreat


  1. Amazing one....Good Stuff.....
    Came deep inside from u & is capable to reach deep inside in others heart...

    Pure thoughts leads to pure heart...


  2. Simply Beautiful, You are a poet of substance. Great!!! I wish God gives you all the power n energy to produce more stuffs like this.

    Keep it up!!!